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How to Promote Your Restaurant or Food Brand on Social Media

How to promote restaurant? Easy!

Have you been constantly wondering how to use social media to promote restaurant or food brand? Whether you already have tried social media marketing and failed, or you haven’t even started your restaurant or food brand’s promotion yet, you have landed in the right spot. You’re not alone! Many restaurant owners and food brands want to engage more with their clientele through social media, but they just don’t know the right tools. As a delicious digital agency for Australian food businesses, we have just the best marketing tips to help bring you new success:


Think Like Your Customers


The very first step you should take is knowing who your brand or restaurant is communicating with. You have to ask yourself what your customers would want to see, why they like to eat your food, and what kind of demographic you serve. In addition, you need to figure out what type of restaurant or food brand you want to be to your customers!

Do you want to be the neighborhood hangout, the local hotspot, or the upscale every once in a while restaurant? Deciding what you want to be for your customers will set your tone for your social media posts. Knowing your audience well is key for successful restaurant marketing.


It’s All About Lighting


Good rule of thumb: take photos with natural lighting! To make your Instagram stand out from all the rest and be at a professional level, taking photos with optimum lighting will make it happen. Lighting is everything! Take photos inside near a window that is letting in natural light from the sun. Make sure the object is facing the light, angle your camera lens away from the light toward the object of the photo to create a quality picture.

We can offer you a food photoshoot in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide to create impeccable content for your social media!


You Can Never Go Too Crazy with Props!


It’s true, props add character to your photos and make them less boring or unorganized if you’re trying to strive for an “Insta-famous” status.

Choose a plain creative background setting such as a white wall, or a rustic wood plank to create a solid, yet fun prop for your food. Also, adding crumbs or pieces of the ingredients used in the display will keep the photo interesting with natural props. Even adding candles, lanterns, or elegant silverware will help set a beautiful stage for your photo.


Optimize All Social Media Platforms


We are a Melbourne marketing agency for restaurants, hotels and food brands in high demand, so we know how important it is to fully optimize every social media platform! Don’t miss out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even YouTube! The more social media platforms, the better.


Restaurant marketing


We know how to excite and delight your customers. Get professional photos and advertising to promote your brand, restaurant, cafe or product! Check out our list of services and areas below:



Photography & Videography


Advertising & Promotion

Connect with customers. The right advertising strategy will get you there. Instagram promotion for our more than 140K Hungry Followers, website banners, articles, reviews, collaboration, events & more.. We know how to promote your restaurant or food brand!


Restaurant Social Media Marketing

This is your chance to connect with a World! Take the stress out of social media and let us reach new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones with a outstanding & inspiring content.


Let us help you create your identity in the public eye and organise positive & impressive buzz around your brand. We’re here to help you!


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September 30, 2017
Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Restaurant Promotion


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